High Time for a High Dose: Cookies and Green Monké Roll Out Game-Changing THC Drink in California

In an industry where potency and flavor race neck and neck, Cookies and Green Monké have pulled ahead with their latest joint venture—a buzz-worthy concoction poised to dominate the shelves and chill sessions alike. Enter the Original California Iced Tea Lemonade, a bravado-laced 100mg THC drink that melds the punch of bold iced tea with the crisp zest of lemonade, all brewed with all-natural ingredients.

Unveiled amidst the swaying palms and sun-drenched vibes of Los Angeles, this isn’t just another cannabis-infused beverage—it’s a statement. It’s a nod to the consumer’s growing penchant for higher doses and an acknowledgment of the 100mg category’s explosive growth in the Golden State. As Pat Gleeson, the CEO of Green Monké, puts it: “The consumer is our number one priority. If we’re not listening to what they want and striving to achieve that, then we’re not doing our jobs.” This ethos is evidently reflected in the decision to push the THC content to triple digits, catering to a crowd that craves a more potent hit.

The uncarbonated nature of this iced tea lemonade makes it dangerously “chuggable,” promising a fast-acting, heavy-hitting buzz that cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate. Priced at a cool $9.99, the drink is rolling out across California, with sights set on a broader horizon—Michigan and Illinois are next in line to get a taste of this high-dose revolution.

Parker Berling, President of Cookies, shares his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to bring exciting, high-quality products to the market with best-in-class partners.” The influence of Berner, Cookies’ co-founder, is palpable in the product’s branding, inspired by flavors and memories from his childhood.

What started in 2021 with a line of nostalgic, fruit-flavored cannabis sodas by Green Monké has evolved into a bolder expression of consumer demand. From Tropical Citrus to the punchy Mango Guava, the journey of Green Monké from low-dose alternatives to a robust 100mg lineup reflects a larger trend—a maturing market that’s increasingly clear about what it wants.

As cannabis culture continues to infuse itself into mainstream habits, partnerships like that of Cookies and Green Monké aren’t just business moves—they’re cultural statements. These collaborations leverage shared visions and complementary strengths, resulting in products that not only buzz the body but also resonate with the soul of cannabis culture, marked by a shared history of advocacy and community impact.

For those eager to dive deeper into this potent pool, more flavors are set to hit the shelves in the coming months. Meanwhile, aficionados and the canna-curious alike can check out Green Monké’s offerings at greenmonke.com or follow their social splash on Instagram.

In an era where cannabis consumption is as much about lifestyle as it is about leisure, Cookies and Green Monké remind us that sometimes, to truly understand the highs, you have to be willing to go all in—100mg at a time.